How do I write about this show? What should I say? I should begin with – I liked it. But I’m not sure what it’s about. No, that’s not right either. I understand what it’s about. It’s about life and navigating demanding bosses, finding love or at least lust, living in NYC, writing a book, and interviewing men about erectile dysfunction. Like performer Laura’s coffee cup said, “Erectile Dysfunction is not a hard problem!”

Laura is a sincere and personable performer with a story to tell. She has complete control of her voice, facial expressions, and body language as she switches from herself to her boss, her boyfriend, and others.

You Met Who!?

I must tell you I was jealous. Early in her story she picked up a book and asked if anyone was familiar with it. Familiar!? I love this book. It’s Atul Gawande’s “Checklist Manifesto,” I answered yes and asked if she’d read “Being Mortal.” It was on her able as well.Later in the show, she described meeting the good Doctor and chatting with him. Yep, I’m jealous.

But What is the Show About?

“A 26-year-old loses her virginity. To her coworker. Who has “broken” tattooed over his heart. She’s also ghostwriting a book. For their boss. On middle-aged men’s impotence. “too old to be this young” scrutinizes the vanity of aging and the shelf life of desire.”

The shows ends with her leaving NYC, her job, and her boy toy. It was a time of self-discovery, and then it wasn’t. It was time to move on.

If you like relatable personal stories presented by accomplished performers – you’ll enjoy this show. And if you’re a fan of Doctor Gawande …

Next Show

Monday Aug 20th, 6:00PM