12928197_10153523327518201_3519433345654427198_nYes, this is a serious play, about a serious subject.  The four actresses from different places and different backgrounds  are confused and at first can find nothing in common, no reason that they are all together.  This is a serious play with an adult theme.  It made me think to reflect both on how lucky I am and how we so seldom know what is going on in other people lives.

The play is written by Playwright Jan White and reflects her own personal experience in the play. This is her third time as a participant in the DivaFest. Jan is a member of the Indiana Writers Center and by day Owner of Mango Bay Spa. The night I saw this Jane conducted a question and answer session after the play describing more about what encouraged her to write the play and her experience as a woman playwright. Again another reason I love Indy Fringe and the DivaFest is the close connection between the audience, actors, directors, and playwrights.

Kudos to the director, Lori Raffel, currently Artistic Director of Theater on the Square and she has also directed at Phoenix Theater. The acting and directing are both well done.

This is the 6th annual DivaFest presented by Indy Fringe. Join us this weekend April 8 through 10 for this and the other plays. All plays are one hour. Come to Mass Ave for one or all of seven original shows, Join us for one play or make it a day with a number of plays and a meal on Mass Ave.