If you love the interviews during the movie “When Harry Met Sally,” you’ll love this show,. Unfortunately, if you didn’t catch Steve Budd’s one-man show about relationships this weekend, you are out of luck for 2019. Steve did a short run of his popular show this year. I’m reviewing it any way, because you may get the chance again at a future IndyFringe or other theatre festival to see this well crafted story.

Budd plays all of characters – himself, his ex-girlfriend, and both members of the 4 couples he interviews about relationships, and other supporting roles. Each character is distinct in posture and voice, and it’s easy to track who is who, even though they’re all Steve. The show examines why some relationships last, and why some don’t. The couples offer insight on what behaviors are easy to overlook, and what small things really turn into bigger issues. Steve revisits his childhood, and shares the parts of his relationship which seem to fail in a repeatable pattern.

It’s easy to see why this show was welcomed back the festival this year. It’s enjoyable, it makes you think and it makes you appreciate the long-term relationships in your life.