Jeremy Schaefer, in his third year at Indy Fringe’ delivers once again in his personal combination of sweet and sour with a side of hot sauce. I was familiar with Jeremy after reviewing his show last year. A friend who was unfamiliar joined me for the show.  After 45 minutes of laughter, she said, “That was sweet.” Sweet? Jeremy held forth on marriage and weddings including his journey to matrimony and beyond. But he also shared about a South American bird with a 16-inch penis, President James Polk, and asked why the prince who kissed Snow White was kissing a dead girl? Sweet? The truth is it was sweet…and sour.

In the Desert, Kinda has a Ring to it

Jeremy shared how he arrived in the desert near Phoenix with an engagement ring in his pocket (no diamonds please) after years of believing marriage was a failed institute and certainly not for him. He shared Geoffrey Miller’s theory on human mating and how it changed his perspective on marriage, “Consciousness, morality, creativity, language, and art: these are the traits that make us human. Scientists have traditionally explained these qualities as merely a side effect of surplus brain size, but Miller argues that they were sexual attractors, not side effects.” — The Mating Mind   I’ve added this books to my short list.

The Space between “Yes” and “I do”

In the third part of his show, Jeremy shared the experience of planning a wedding. As Family, Friends and vendors all voiced their expectations, from the perfect Bride fitness work out to the dollar dance, Jeremy was distraught and found most of it unacceptable if not repulsive. He took solace in building the wedding website. Did you know there was such thing?

As he and his bride were forced to finalize the guest list, who to invite and who to delete, they shared a bottle of wine, and his bride suggested the answer to their predicament. What she suggested was…No, I’ve said too much already. If you want to know the end of the beginning of their life together, you’ll need to see the show. And you should. Last year I reviewed more than 20 shows. I only gave a must see to three. This is my first must see for 2016. Enjoy, you can thank me later.

Show Schedule

Sun, Aug 21 9:00 pm

Wed, Aug 24 7:30 pm

Sat, Aug 27 7:30 pm

Sun, Aug 28 4:30 pm