This particular IndyFringe show immediately caught my eye after the title got me humming a Tina Turner classic jam of a similar name.

“What’s A Wedding Got To Do With It?” is the third IndyFringe show from storyteller Jeremy Schaefer. Told in four parts, the story delves into how he found himself at the wedding altar despite not being the “marrying kind.”

I am recently engaged and found myself laughing a little too hard at some parts of Jeremy’s story; while I haven’t yet started down the aisle that is wedding planning, many of his anecdotes reminded me that The Wedding is a universal rite of passage that seems to annoy everyone equally.

His performance was animated, genuine and adaptive. The audience responded to his openness with a lot of laughter. In fact, I saw quite a few married couples whispering and giggling to each other during/after the show.

What I liked most about Jeremy’s story was the love behind the comedy; I left his show with an important reminder that marriage isn’t about The Wedding, it’s about the commitment you are making to each other.

You can learn more about Jeremy’s show and buy tickets online here.