The Defiance Comedy troupe are festival favorites delivering funny musical parodies year in and year out.  With the forced break brought on by Covid, this year’s installment, as writer and director Matt Kramer says, is packed with two years worth of jokes.

The Breakfast Clue takes the comedy up a notch poking fun at not one, but two pop-culture favorites.  They have brought together the 1980’s  teen hit the Breakfast Club, with the already over the top Clue the movie, based on the popular board game. If you ever wished one or more of the angsty teens in the movie the breakfast club would just shut up and die then you will get your wish.

This is broad physical comedy with some adults only humor, lots of puns and of course a few really silly songs Rob Johansen is perfectly cast as the slimy assistant principal Wadsworth, playing the over the top role to the hilt as only he can do.  While he brings a ton of experience, and energy to the role, he doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the cast. Each performer has their moment to shine in the spotlights with monologues/solo singing performances before we reach the big revel.

There are so many wonderful moments, I don’t want to spoil the fun and give too much away, but Clay Mabitt has clearly watched Weekend at Bernie’s more than once.  

Want to know who dies and who did it? You will need to see the show

Aug 21 4:30

Aug 28 6:00

Aug 29 7:30

Sept 4 7:30

sept 5 3:00