Elizabeth Young entered the stage elegantly dressed in black and white pearls and a fur. The subtitle is When you really are extraordinary. This has been the search of her life to own her extraordinariness.   Her gifts and talents were not only not recognized but squashed by her family.

She tells stories of growing up in Minnesota until she became a professional singer at age 40. Betsy, as she is called, like many of the cows were called in Minnesota, uses words and bits and pieces of well know songs to tell her story. Her songs accompanied by the accomplished Charles Manning.  I know Charles as a church organist and he has also accompanied many Broadway shows at the Marriot.

She led what many would consider a childhood that was not normal. She never felt she fit in or was accepted for being herself.  Her brothers and sister May even teased her by telling her that she was adopted.  Her self-esteem was quite low growing up – in fact, she considered herself the poster child of low self-esteem.

Doing an autobiographical piece can be difficult, showing your vulnerability and woundedness to the world.  Elizabeth has taken on this daunting task of struggling of trying to fit in, marrying late in life, and ultimately finding herself.

So how do you go from basically having no self-esteem to become a professional singer?   Come to see the show and find out.


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Sunday Aug 19th, 6:00PM
Wednesday Aug 22nd, 9:00PM
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Adult: $15, Senior Citizen/Student: $12, Under 12: $10

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