I was tired before I sat down for this show. I had performed the night before (not at Fringe) and got home late after load out. I got up early. This was my sixth show of the day. I’m old. It was going to take a lot to engage me in one more show at 10:30 on a Saturday evening. Windy Wynazz had a lot.

So What’s the Show About? The Answer is Yes

This show was a mixture of showgirl, improv, adlibs, acting, audience participation, clown, sex goddess, and organizational consultant, all in less than one hour. I swear Windy must have a 27 hour day compared to the 24 us mere mortals get.

The highly talented and courageous Ms. Wynazz delivered a show that captured the audience; I mean we all closed our eyes while she changed wigs just because she told us to close our eyes. Really. We laughed, we sang along, and some of us got to wear the wigs. Are you getting the idea this show is hard to describe? It is.

The Energizer Bunny got Nothin’ on this Girl

Kicking, and splitting, and gyrating and spitting, Windy has more energy than any performer I’ve seen for some time, but she can also melt you with one look from her expressive eyes. Her show is a dichotomy of manic madcap humor and tender moments all stirred into an extraordinary performance.

From five Barbie heads fashioned to her fingers to the devil himself, this show slams you from one emotion to another. And then she shared with us that she did children’s shows. I want to see one.

Kids Parties? Yes Please

“Windy holds a BA in Theatre Arts & is a graduate of the San Francisco Clown Conservatory. She’s been making mortals laugh professionally for 10+ years, performing all over the U.S and Canada with her stage shows. Specializing in creating high-end (and affordable!) children’s party entertainment, Windy literally transforms into your child’s favorite princess or superhero character for the ultimate birthday experience. Her signature interactive comedy magic shows, while enjoyed by those of all ages (even adults!), are geared for children 3-8.”– Wynazz Pizzazz

Her next show is Monday 8/22 at 6 pm but leave the little princesses at home and bring your friends, all of them. Let’s make this a party.

Show Schedule

Mon, Aug 22 6:00 pm
Fri, Aug 26 9:00 pm
Sat, Aug 27 6:00 pm
Sun, Aug 28 1:30 pm