He drew me in with a few lines from “This Land is Our Land” and swept me to the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma in an instant. Inside the intimate IndyFringe Basile Theatre I traveled to a time when our country had rambling men, hobos, live radio, a Communist influence and “insane asylums.”

Woody Sed was an hour-long trip back in time to the life of Woody Guthire. His family and the people he met along the road he found himself traveling were introduced one-by-one. The audience met an eclectic cast of characters who dotted Guthrie’s life with heartbreak, including his beloved daughter who died engulfed in flames as her home caught fire. The grief actor Thomas Jones exuded was palpable.


Jones’ considerable acting skills and vocal prowess kept things moving from scene to scene, One scene could have taken place today, when Guthrie was feeling as if his artistry was being stifled by sponsors: “I feel like I’m just doing what the money wants me to do.”

Little known tidbits of Guthrie’s life came out on stage too—I didn’t know he was in the Merchant Marines—and the entire play was a fascinating peek into the inspiration of a creative mind. Both Guthrie’s and Jones’.

I was impressed by Jones’ energy. He acted, sang, and played the guitar non-stop without ever missing a beat. I was tired just watching him at times. But what resulted was a fine homage to one of America’s greatest music men.

“Take it easy. But take it,” said Woody. I’d have to agree. Take this show in.


Sun. 8/20: 1:30 pm
Tues. 8/22: 6:00 pm
Sat. 8/26: 10:30 pm
Sun. 8/27: 6:00 pm

GENRE: Solo, Musical