Howdi do! If you are looking for a show with a few sing-alongs and lots of colorful characters, don’t miss Woody Sed! It’s funny, it’s poignant, and it’s guaranteed to get your toe tappin’!

Woody Sed is an original play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie. The show features 19 songs and 25 different characters all bundled up in a true-to-life tale. At times his tale is happy, at times it is sad; no matter what, it provides an intimate look at the man behind the music that you likely haven’t experienced before.

The show shares a new perspective on the man who composed some of the most powerful protest songs ever written. Guthrie, best known for his iconic song “This Land Is Your Land,” was born in Oklahoma in 1912, and became a decisive influence on innumerable musicians, most famously Bob Dylan (who may or may not make an appearance in Woody Sed).

Guthrie, also known as The “People’s Bard,” is remembered in Woody Sed as a transformative musician and song writer whose political activism and consistent advocacy for civil rights, racial justice, and economic equality inspired many others to stand tall and fight back. I didn’t know that we scrawled “This Machine Kills Fascists” on his guitar, and after seeing the show, I know he meant it.