Don’t make the mistake of thinking YAS, TWAIN might be anything like your dusty copy of The Adventures of Huck Finn that’s been on your bookshelf since you (or your child) was in fifth grade. This IndyFringe Festival show will make you laugh, laugh, laugh … and it might even teach you something.

It brings the American author to life in the most wonderfully creative way – it’s clever, it’s poignant, and it’s captivating.

Another enjoyable aspect of YAS, TWAIN is how well a very vibrant story is told using minimal props and staging (in true Fringe fashion)! It’s amazing how a simple blue piece of fabric can transform into the Mississippi River with the right lighting, sound, and talent on stage.

The show shines a new light on America’s wisest, folksiest and somewhat sassiest author: Mark Twain. You will really appreciate the fast-paced and high-energy telling of beloved author’s life. Whether you are a Twain diehard fan or just learning about the guy, the storytelling supported by song is an imaginative look at the author through his greatest works.

It can be hard to switch back and forth from singing to comedy while also weaving a story. It can also be difficult to have many actors play the same famous author without losing a beat. The cast handles these potential pitfalls effortlessly.

As someone who thoroughly enjoys saying “YAS QUEEN,” I was immediately drawn to YAS, TWAIN based on title alone. It can be risky to pick a show without knowing anything but the title. This time, boy did my instant attraction pay off! YAS, TWAIN is a glittering gem in the IndyFringe Festival crown – don’t miss it! Buy tickets here.


Performance Times

Friday Aug 16th, 6:00PM
Saturday Aug 17th, 9:00PM
Sunday Aug 18th, 3:00PM
Wednesday Aug 21st, 7:30PM
Saturday Aug 24th, 1:30PM
Sunday Aug 25th, 6:00PM