So, I’m sitting at my laptop excited to be writing about this show. I have two pages of notes. I’ve jotted my thoughts about 15 skits from this IndyFringe show. There were more. This is gonna be great. But then it hit me! I can’t write about all these pieces. I mean, it would be an IndyFringe talks spoiler alert. And besides, I want you to want to go see “Check Your F*#!ng Email”.

Why You Should See “Check Your F*#!ng Email”

The Cast

In full transparency, I need to tell you I shy away from student productions. You know – kids, what do they know? However, “Check Your F*#!ng Email” was on my list … so there I was. The old guy in the corner.

The show opened with what seemed like 30 or 40 exuberant young men jumping around and throwing chairs, and I thought, “Here we go, this is gonna be over the top.” And then they did their first sketch. All eight sat at a table playing cards in a slow-motion pantomime perfectly and beautifully choreographed to the soundtrack. I was taken aback. I changed my mind about these kid shows.

Throughout the show, the actors showed a wide range of talent. They were versatile, engaging, and believable. There comedic timing was spot on. Okay, I was impressed.

The Script

I love sketch comedy when it’s well done, and this was. Think of it this way, “Check Your F*#!ng Email” is the millennial version of Saturday Night Live except you’re in the audience. If this was a reoccurring series – I’d watch. I’d binge on it. It was that good, and the audience agreed with me. We all laughed and applauded, chuckled, and sneered for an hour. We had a blast and so will you. The next show is tonight at 9:00. Have fun!

Next Show

Saturday Aug 18th, 9:00PM

Performance Times

Saturday Aug 18th, 9:00PM

Tuesday Aug 21st, 6:00PM

Wednesday Aug 22nd, 9:00PM

Saturday Aug 25th, 3:00PM

Sunday Aug 26th, 3:00PM